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Welcome to the website of the ILEA Global Network (IGN) Alumni Portal. The Alumni Portal is a resource for ILEA alumni to connect with the network of 70,000 ILEA graduates and access current resources for law enforcement professionals.

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Code of Conduct

ILEA Global Alumni Portal - Code of Conduct 

The ILEA Global Alumni Portal is a place that promotes professionalism, responsibility, and respect in a safe virtual learning and networking environment. All participants, who visits the platform, have the right to be safe and feel secure at all times. 

Your conduct while visiting the Alumni Portal website, participating in the discussion, sharing stories, best parctices, is a direct reflection of you, your organisation, your department, and your country. Therefore, it is incumbent upon you to conduct yourself in such a manner as to bring credit to yourself and those you represent. We expect you to do your best as an ILEA Alumni to adhere to the Code of Conduct while visiting the Global Alumni Portal. The following conduct is not acceptable on the Alumni Portal: 


  • Cheating or violating the ILEA Honor Code 
  • Stealing or using another’s intellectual property without permission 
  • Disrespect, defiance, or belligerence directed at another Alumni, instructor, staff  or any other member of the Portal 
  • Engaging in conduct that is prejudicial to good order and discipline or is of a nature to bring discredit upon the ILEA 
  • Inappropriate or unauthorized use of ILEA information technology resources 
  • Making public statements which threaten or incite violence against any group or individual distinguished by race, sex, color, religion, ethnic origin, or sexual orientation 



Any violation of the rules of conduct, and/or conduct unbecoming of law enforcement officials may result in your immediate dismissal from the Alumni Portal.